Green Pistou x Goats Curd Dip

image credit: Lila Theodoros

image credit: Lila Theodoros

In a recent effort to not waste, I found myself in the Yes, Joy kitchen with leftover a green pistou (fancy word for pesto) dressing from a salad made the previous day.

I was also fortunate enough to have some goats curd in the fridge too. When it came to needing a selection of dips for a grazing platter - this concoction was born. And this recipe is at the request of a lovely individual who enjoyed it! :)

Don’t get to exact with the quantities. Essentially you want a nice green pesto mixed in with some goats curd (Meredith Dairy does one available from some large grocers, or if you can’t find that easily or want to save $ a good crème fraiche or soft goat cheese would work well also).




- Half a bunch of Mint*

- Half a bunch of Coriander*

- Salt + Pepper

- Clove of garlic (peeled)


- Citrus of your liking – 1 x lemon, lime or orange

- Goats Curd

*Make with full herb bunches and use the excess pesto atop of some roasted pumpkin with toasted buckwheat & pomegranate seeds, as a salsa verde for tacos, or even on top of grilled fish or steak like a chimichurri!




Cut the roots from the herb bunches

Give them a good wash then dry in a tea-towel or salad spinner

Chop into hand-sized chunks and place the herb bunches into a blender (if you only have small blender you may need to do this in two stages)

Add the garlic clove + generous glug of EVOO + a few pinches of sea salt + a few grinds of pepper.

Squeeze in the juice from the citrus you have on hand


Taste – add more salt or citrus juice to your liking.

Decant your goats curd in a beautiful bowl.

Stir through several tablespoons of pistou to reach a creamy bright green colour. Serve with fresh crudités, breads, corn chips or cracker!

Hello, Summer! 

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