Why Owning a Salad Spinner = Winning at Adulting

Image credit: IKEA

Image credit: IKEA

Do you own a salad spinner?

Do you know what a salad spinner is?

If you answered ‘no’ to either of these questions, we need to talk about how this one simple kitchen utensil can revolutionise your life.

Owning a salad spinner doesn’t just mean you’re a real adult. It means you won’t be having any more soggy salad leaves or herbs in your life anymore. And you deserve well-washed, crisp yet dry leaves and herbs.

Paper-towels? Tea towels? Nope, they just don’t compare to the vortex force of the spinner.

A salad spinner will set you back as little as *$4 at IKEA - it’s a shame you’ve been missing out on this adulthood milestone for so long already.

Drop everything and go buy a salad spinner.

*If you’re serious about life though, fancy spinners are priced $40+

Like this Iwaki Japanese-made spinner with heat-resistant glass bowl

Or this OXO Steel Salad Spinner

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