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A Modern Way to Eat


Anna Jones is a London-based cook, stylist and writer extraordinaire. In this, her first book she details 200 satisfying, everyday vegetarian recipes (that will make you feel amazing).

Anna simply and diligently lays out how she builds her recipes – including an 8-step process to building any dish, starting with just one vegetable then adding a ‘supporting role’ vegetable, flavour, herbs, crunch and seasoning to finish.

Recipes cover recipes for morning noon and night and all the treats in between.


-       California miso, avocado and butter bean salad [see Yes, Joy’s adaptation to this recipe]

-       Mushroom and parsnip rosti pie

-       Mint, pistachio and courgette polpette

-       Carrot and black pepper soda bread

-       Blood orange and agave margaritas


Jones is an inspiration for anyone with the niggling feeling their career isn’t for them, for anyone (like me) who's ever wanted to throw it all in and follow a passion for food instead. After quitting her day job she started out cooking for Jamie Oliver at his London restaurant Fifteen then branched into food styling and writing and has now been dubbed the UKs ‘New Nigella’.

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Hetty Mckinnon of Arthur Street Kitchen is my salad guru.

Community brings together sixty of Arthur Street Kitchen's best-loved seasonal, hearty, big-flavoured salads. 

Leaving no vegetable, herb, legume, nut or spice unturned, Community shows the reader how to effortlessly and confidently dish up healthy, meat-free comfort food, perfect heart-and-soul meals to share with family, friends and neighbours.

Hetty got her start in the salad game delivering salad boxes to the locals in Surry Hills in Sydney. Made at home and delivered by bicycle, Hetty became the Surry Hills salad lady! 

Hetty with her ride in Surry Hills. Photo credit: Luisa Brimble

Hetty with her ride in Surry Hills. Photo credit: Luisa Brimble

There's a great interview with Hetty on The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry 


Yes, Joy is an utter fangirl of Community. Fool-proof, hearty and wholesome salad. Every. Time. I picked up a copy of Community at Maple Store in Newtown back in early 2016, it sat on my nightstand and I would occasionally pick it up and flick through the incredible vibrant salads - making promises to myself to cook them. Fast forward 18 months later and I've cooked a quarter of the recipes in the book and have learnt SO MUCH about the art of making salads from Hetty's sage advice. 

My favourites (so far) (which you'll often find featured in Yes, Joy's salad menu)

- Za’atar Roasted Carrots with Kale, Freekah and blood orange-maple dressing

- Chargrilled Zucchini & Pearl Barley with Whipped Feta & Dill

- Roasted Eggplant with Sofrito, Chickpeas and Almonds

- Pumpkin with Chickpeas, Toasted Coconut and Lemon Tahini


Want a copy of Community too? Purchase here and share the Yes, Joy love. 

Hetty now has a second book, Neighbourhood, which just as good as the first. More on that later. 

booksRachel Surgeoner
Everything I Want to Eat

---About The Book---

Jessica Koslow and her restaurant, Sqirl, are at the forefront of the California cooking renaissance, which is all about food that surprises us and engages all of our senses—it looks good, tastes vibrant, and feels fortifying yet refreshing.

In Everything I Want to Eat, Koslow shares 100 of her favorite recipes for health-conscious but delicious dishes, all of which always use real foods—no fake meat or fake sugar here—that also happen to be suitable for vegetarians, vegans, or whomever you’re sharing your meal with.

The book is organized into seven chapters, each featuring a collection of recipes centered on a key ingredient or theme. Expect to find recipes for dishes Sqirl has become known for, as well as brand-new seasonal flavor combinations, including:

Raspberry and cardamom jam

Sorrel-pesto rice bowl

Burnt brioche toast with house ricotta and seasonal jam

Lamb merguez, cranberry beans, roasted tomato, and yogurt cheese

Valrhona chocolate fleur de sel cookies

Almond hazelnut milk

---Why yes, joy recommends---

When I began dreaming about Yes, Joy I would always come back to Sqirl and the food that Jessica Koslow makes out of her LA eatery. It’s just so gosh darn clever – Koslow makes food look like a piece of art – but not in that wanky abstract foamy fine dining way – rather in that modern-art-im-a-real-deal-genius kind of way. Her food is inventive, seasonal and visiting her LA restaurant is high on the Yes, Joy To-Eat list.

This cookbook explores Koslow's forte for breakfast foods (serving the masses of LA cool dudes who line up around the block each day for Sqirl’s ricotta toast), but also shares her love of preserving, the perfect grain bowl (a recipe I’ll share with you soon), and doesn’t leave out good quality meat dishes too.

Jessica Koslow is everything I want to be. 

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