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Tassie Toast
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Having just made my very first voyage to Tasmania (I know, right, first! Crazy that I’ve been to Iceland twice and never Tassie), I digress, my mission was to taste as much of all the amazing produce I’d been told so much about, as I could.

From fine dining to simple home cooked meals, each had its highlights. One particular dish, concocted by Yes, Joy’s wingman (aka my husband Brian) was a simple lunch I’ll now refer to as ‘Tassie Toast’.

We had the pleasure of staying at a lovely Airbnb in Cygnet (just south of Huonville) with a charming vegetable patch we were able to help ourselves to, and where the cherry tomatoes, potatoes, and rosemary from this recipe came from – but – if you can’t fetch them fresh from the dirt in your backyard, go dig a patch immediately! Or, you know, go to the market.




- 4 slices of good bread – sourdough or similar

- 3-4 small potatoes

- A handful of cherry tomatoes

- Few sprigs of rosemary

- Salmon pate (we used Harris Smokehouse available at the Standard Market, or make your own from cream cheese and smoked salmon – google it!)

- Pure cream

- Butter

- S&P to taste


Chop potatoes into 1-2cm pieces or rounds pending size, par-boil for 5mins or until you can easily stick the blunt side of a knife into

While potatoes are boiling, chop your tomatoes in half and heat a small fry pan with butter

Drain potatoes, shake in the pot to roughen exterior and add to the buttery pan with rosemary. Once potatoes are beginning to brown add tomatoes, salt, pepper and stir occasionally until all softened and browned and buttery, add a few dashes of cream if you are feeling extra extravagant, stir, then let bubble away for a minute or two

Now toast your good bread (or have fresh if you prefer)

Spread salmon pate thickly over your toast

Top with potato-tomato mixture


Putting the Ville in Noosa

Noosa is no well-kept secret. This once sleepy Sunshine Coast seaside town is becoming increasingly Bondi-fied and with good reason. 

It’s home to incredible beaches, amazing nature walks and award-winning restaurants. Not to mention a strong concentration of shopping and coffee haunts. If you can manage to tear yourself away from Hastings Street (or first, manage to get a parking space) – there’s much to be explored just around the bend in Noosaville.

In fact, on my last visit to the Noosa enclave, I didn’t leave Noosaville nor dare venture to Hastings Street.

Here’s the Yes, Joy mini-guide to a DAY in Noosaville.

Hire a Boat on the Noosa River

Take a few hours out on a Pontoon Boat. A simple Google search will give you the choice of several operators. Hiring a BBQ Pontoon Boat only requires a driver’s licence. Boats range from 6-15 seaters and around $300 for a half day.

Lunch on board

Of course you can make use if the BBQ on board – fair warning though, it’s no Weber.  Want my suggestion for lunch? Of course you do.

If your seafaring friends are shellfish eaters, whip up a batch of these tasty buns.

Scandi Prawn Buns

1. Forage (aka stop by Belmondos Organic Market) on your way into Noosaville. Pick up some Tanglewood Organic Sourdough buns or a loaf of your liking. While you’re there – grab some crème fraiche, lemon and dill. (Oh, and a coffee, a turmeric elixir, and some pastries for now).

Fresh prawns are next – hit up Noosa Fish Providores on Gympie Terrace for a kilo or more of prawns – keep on ice.  Peel on board and feed the shells back into the river for the fishes! Closed loop responsible picnic right there!

2. The Pontoon Board does not afford much bench space – fashion your chopping board atop an esky and get to work chopping some dill and slice your lemons in half.

3. Once you’ve had fun peeling the prawns, give your hands a quick wash in sea water and its time to throw it all together – place prawns, crème fraiche, dill into a bowl and squeeze lemon juice all over. Add salt and pepper and mix.

4. Serve immediately on your fresh bread, with a side of potato chips.

After your Pontooning comes to an end, freshen up those sea-legs at your local accommodation if you’re staying the night – or simply chill in the park by the river, watch the sun go down and take a moment to appreciate the quiet.

Dinner at Bordertown

Gympie Terrace has a slew of great dining spots – the kinds of places Noosa locals frequent. 

Bordertown Cocktails & Cantina offers the best of the border – American and Mexican food done proper. A fine take on tacos – think confit chicken and crispy skin duck, with a great selection of burgers and sides. Vegetarians are well catered for – as are those who fancy a cocktail or two – the Jalapeño Margarita comes highly recommended.


Noosaville Tips

- Book your BBQ Pontoon in advance for holiday seasons or busy weekends

- Bring tunes to turn your pontoon into a party

- Book an extra hour more than you think you’ll on the Pontoon need ‘cause you won’t want the cruising to stop

- For groups over four it’s a good idea to give Bordertown a call and book ahead


BBQ Pontoon Luncheon Checklist

-   Aperol x Prosecco x Sparkling Water

-   Esky full of ice

-   Salt n pepper

-   A chopping board and good knife

-   Medium sixed bowl

-   Serving spoon

-   Serve ware – plates, napkins, cups etc

-   More drinks, more snacks

-   Sunscreen + hats!


Shopping List

-   Bread

-   Crème fraiche

-   Lemon x 2

-   Dill

-   Fresh prawns

-   Good quality potato chips

-   All of the makings for your spritzers! Extra Prosecco for good measure!


Noosaville Address Book

Belmondos Organic Market – 59 Rene Street, Noosaville

Noosa Fish Providores - 1/185 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville

O-Boat Hire- 222 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville

Bordertown Cocktails & Cantina - 253 Gympie Terrace,





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