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The Food




Food + Fun. We cook, cater & get creative with dining.

Yes, Joy is a creative exploration + practical application on the joy of food & dining.


What we make

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We make salads inspired by fresh, seasonal produce and test out recipes from our fav cookbooks of the moment.

We put together creative grazing tables where cheese meets art in a new and tantalising way.

We create unique dining experiences, and don’t shy away from a tasteful theme be it an authentic Mexican Fiesta birthday celebration or a Supper Club that celebrates the humble dish of Moules Marinière.

Fancy a catered dinner at your place? We’ll cook for you and your guests — just like in Curb Your Enthusiasm, only we’ll let you keep the left-over chicken.



How we make it

By sourcing the best local ingredients from our suppliers (Food Connect, Sovereign Foods, The Falls Farm, Loop Growers, Fino Fine Foods).

We prepare our food out of Wandering Cooks — a communal commercial kitchen in South Brisbane. Yes, Joy occasionally pops-up there for lunch and dinner events. 


Why we make it

We all deserve access to good, quality food. We love to cook and learn about food and all its facets. We believe in creating fun and wholesome dining experiences for everyone. 

Food that inspires us–